30 de agosto de 2005

i remember

i remember it well i was stood in your line
and your mouth your mouth your mouth your mind
i want you here tonight i want you here
'cause i can't believe what i found
i want you here tonight want you
‘cause nothing is taking me down
‘cept you my love..

come all ye lost
dive into moss
i hope that my sanity covers the cost
to remove the stain of my love
paper maché
come all ye reborn
blow off my horn
i'm driving real hard
this is love this is porn
god would forgive me
but i..
i whip myself scorn scorn
i wanna hear what you have to say about me
hear if you're gonna live without me
hear what you want


damien rice... novamente, damien rice...

há dias que preciso de encher de música para que fiquem cheios...

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